New! Ver:1.0.1

2010.08.26 Thursday
    ・The number of problems is changed to 3, 5, and 10. 
    ・Change in ranking screen (Title:10puzzle_1.0.1)

    - This time, "Number 20 of problems" of the ranking of WEB is deleted. 
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    10Puzzle Release!

    2010.07.31 Saturday

      ・計算は、四則演算 (+,−,×,÷)のみ使用可能 
      ・小数点が発生する計算はできない ・数字を3桁以上にすることはできない
      ・ベストタイムは、問題数毎に、インターネットを経由して”World Ranking”に送信可能
      ・”World Ranking”への登録には、事前に、設定より”World Ranking Name”の登録が必要

      ●Rule of game ・To become ten, it calculates by using the figure of one digit from 1 to 9 once respectively.
      ・The calculation can use only arithmetic operation (+,-,×,÷).
      ・The minus sign cannot be put ahead of the figure.
      ・It is not possible to calculate by the figure's tying as a figure of two digits.
      ・The calculation where the decimal point is generated cannot be done.
      ・The figure cannot be made more than the three digit. ・Passing is possible up to five times.
      Game over when the sixth passing.
      ・Waiting time is added as a penalty at the mistake. 
      The ranking is time when the number of problems of set screens was cleared.
      ・The best time can be transmitted to "World Ranking" in each number of problems via the Internet.
      ・It is necessary to register "World Ranking Name" to prior more than set for registration to "World Ranking".
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